Living Room and Bedroom Plastered

Here the house was in need of repair work and plastering following years of neglect and rewiring. We started in the living room where we firstly had to create the window reveals following the windows being replaced. We dot and dabbed the front and made an angled reveal so the windows could open and close easily and fully. The room then needed chases and holes filled with Hardwall plaster ready for final plaster skimming. The archways were beaded with curved beads to make a lovely smooth and sharp edge rather than the horrible artex pattern. The ceiling was covered in a thick artex pattern too which needed a backing plaster applied first before skimming. The room was plastered completely, making sure all was perfect as ever. The bedroom needed a similar amount of preparation work too with chases and a built in wardrobe removed creating holes in the walls and ceiling damage that needed repairing first. Once all complete it was skimmed perfectly and will be ready for painting shortly. The work really transformed the rooms and brought them up to date. The rest of the house still needs doing and will be completed shortly.

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Project Summary

Job: Repair walls and ceilings then fully plaster two rooms
Services: Plaster Skimming, Wall Repairs, Covering Artex, Plaster boarding, Dot and Dab
Location: Gosport, Hampshire

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